Magnet Assemblies - Motors and Generators

Product Announcement from Electron Energy Corporation

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Electron Energy has extensive experience in designing and prototyping both axial flux and radial flux rotating machinery. Furthermore, our technology enables us to improve magnetic performance by a unique Halbach and interior magnet design, which has improved benefits in terms of power density, compact size, weight and cooling, compared to conventional machines. This allows the overall size and weight of the motor to be reduced.

Our SmCo-UHT TM EEC 16 T550 magnets have been used to design a high temperature motor (power 10kW, maximum speed 25krpm) for NASA space power system applications (SBIR Phase II project). HT-550 magnets are ideal for motors that require survivability in extreme high temperature (over 480°C) and high pressure (over 100 atmospheres).

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