Rare Earth Magnets and Magnet Assemblies

Product Announcement from Electron Energy Corporation

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We are the only producer of rare earth permanent magnets with US operations who melt magnet materials in the USA.

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DFARS Specialty Metals Compliance

July 29, 2009 the final rule was published on domestic sourcing preferences for specialty metals for procurement by DOD and its contractors. This codifies 10 U.S.C 2533b (previously under the Berry Amendment) . The Defense Federal Acquisitions Regulations Supplement (DFARS) section addressing domestic specialty metals preferences had been in DFARS 252.225-7014 Alt 1 (DEVIATION). All language in this clause has been removed. Specialty metals domestic sourcing preferences are now located in DFARS 252.225-7003, DFARS 252.225-7008 and DFARS 252.225-7009. EEC remains in full compliance with these sections of the DFARS.

Violations of this specialty metals clause have resulted in major fines and penalties, government investigations and delayed deliveries to DOD. This impacts all tiers in the supply chain to DOD. We know that DOD and prime contractors are making a concerted effort to ensure that these provisions are flowed down to suppliers at all levels. EEC and its supply chain are fully equipped to support those compliance efforts. We assure you that all EEC orders for magnets and magnet systems with a stated end use by the US Department of Defense are produced in compliance to US law codified in DFARS.