Anchor Testing for Concrete/Stone/Masonry Anchors

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As building materials advance technologically, anchor manufacturers need to know more about their products and how they will perform with varying materials and under varying conditions.

Element St. Paul offers a full scope of services designed to establish the tested load values of concrete and masonry anchors-including chemical, mechanical, screw, and power-driven anchors. More than just a laboratory, Element engineers are actively involved in the concrete anchors industry, developing equipment and procedures to conduct cracked concrete anchor testing, a test now required by building standards nationwide.

Experts in anchor testing
Element anchor experts and engineers conduct anchor testing in accordance with standards and protocols established by:

  • ASTM
  • ACI
  • ICC-ES
  • City of Los Angeles, California
  • Miami-Dade BCCO

Our methods are in accordance with AC193, AC308, ACI355.2, and ASTM E488, as well as AC01, AC58, AC70, AC106, ASTM E1512, and all related specifications.

Relevant testing methods
Element Static Tension

  • Static Shear
  • Static Oblique
  • Seismic Shear
  • Seismic Tension
  • Cracked Concrete (static, cyclic)
  • Environmental Condition Testing (freeze-thaw, decreased or elevated temperature, alkaline, sulfur, etc.)
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Creep Testing
  • Wet/Submerged Installation
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement (Method A)

Our facilities
Element maintains state-of-the-art machine shops fully equipped and dedicated to precision testing per your specification requirements. In addition, our highly trained staff possesses extensive experience in engineering, mechanics, construction materials and metals science to ensure the highest quality anchor evaluations.

Helping your products succeed
Element work on your concrete and masonry anchors. We invest in experienced, ICC-certified scientists and cutting-edge equipment to provide you with up-to-date solutions.

Choose Element testing and evaluation services for every stage of your product's development.

Relevant Anchor Testing standards and specifications

  • ACI 355.2-04/355.2R-04
  • ASTM E 488
  • ASTM E1512
  • ICC-ES
  • ICC-ES AC 01
  • ICC-ES AC 58
  • ICC-ES AC 70
  • ICC-ES AC106
  • ICC-ES AC193
  • ICC-ES AC308