Safe Remote Operation of Any Valve!

Product Announcement from Elliott Manufacturing Co., LLC

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The Safe way to operate valves in Powergen, Gas, Oil, Water, Chemical and many other industries

Uniflex-stow flexible shaft systems make safe valve control in industrial plants easy. Our SafeOperator range enables speciifers, installer and maintenance personnel to quickly select the right solution for safe remote operation of any valve.

Flexible shafting is made by winding layers of wire in opposite directions on top of each other. This core is then covered by a flexible outer casing which serves as a bearing support for the rotating core. The casing also seals in the lubrication and keeps out corrosion.

In most processing plants there are various valves that have to be opened and closed from time to time. Many of these are in areas that are either inconvenient or impossible for the operator to get at, and therefore, remote devices are used to operate the valves. This is where the SafeOperator range featuring flexible shaft transmission most commonly comes into use in plants.

While power-actuated valves are often used, SafeOperator provides a 'best value' means of providing a remote operation and has a number of other advantages. In addition, Uniflex-stow flexible shaft systems are often used as a backup for important valves that are presently remotely controlled by various types of powered valve actuators (in case the device fails or there is a power failure).

Not only is the Uniflex-stow SafeOperator range great value for money, but it also has a lower cost of installation compared to rigid reach-rod or gear box controls. In one nuclear power plant, they were able to install 25 flexible shaft controls in one day, while with gear boxes and rigid reach-rods, they were only able to do two controls a day.

Explosion And Earthquake Proofing
Although nothing is completely explosion or earthquake-proof flexible shafting by its very nature is not affected to any degree by vibration or by any movement, and also it is basically not affected by seismic shock either.

This ability to be shock-proof is also one reason why it is used in so many nuclear power plants for controlling valves, particularly in areas subjected to radiation contamination, from outside the area. Of course, unlike power actuated valves, a power failure would not affect operation either. In some applications, flexible shafting cannot make the sharp bends that may be required, in which case manufacturers have available 90 degree gear boxes and 300 degree swivel geared joints. To make the installation seismic-proof and explosion-proof, a certain amount of slack should be put in the system so that the flexible shaft can move. The clamps are designed so that they will break away under stress.

It's sometimes advantageous to combine rigid reach rod controls with flexible shafting. You can even mount the handwheel directly on a gear box if an initial sharp bend has to be made to connect up the flexible shafts. Remote operating stations are available with handwheels that have open and close indicators. At the other end, standard valve couplings are available for the three basic valve types: non-rising handwheel, rising stem, or rising handwheel. Also if desired, male or female couplings or yokes are available to fit directly on to the valve stem.

Our SafeOperator range delivers a commercial solution to general industry enabling plant designers and operators to ensure valve operation from a position of safety.

Elliott Manufacturing is the world's oldest supplier of remote valve control systems, providing global customers with world class performance for over 100 years. Keeping manpower, machinery, and methods up to date allows Elliott to handle every request with confidence and efficiency. The Elliott team works hard to ensure quality, consistency, and on-time delivery for every project.

Elliott's Uniflex -Stow system is the most versatile, reliable and proven approach to remote mechanical valve actuation available today. The Uniflex-Stow system is a unique answer to the problem of remote mechanical valve actuation. When a valve is in a hazardous or hard-to-reach position, and must be actuated, the Uniflex-Stow system can provide a remote valve configuration that is safe, reliable, and accessible. If you are still specifying or using out-of-date chains dual cable systems, linear systems or make-shift solid rod and universal joint systems then think Uniflex-Stow - proven, consistent, virtually no maintenance, and easy to plan and install.

SafeOperator is the most comprehensive solution for the remote mechanical operation of valves in every industry.SafeOperator remote mechanical system for the operation of valves allow every industry to locate the point of operation in a place of safety or convenience. Typically, you will use Elliott's SafeOperator remote valve technology when;

  • The valve is located in a physically difficult to access position or hazardous/restricted environment
  • When manual mechanical systems are required for reasons of back-up (redundancy and diversity) often for electric, pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • The standard lever /handwheel or actuator cannot be fitted or operated due to the restricted position in which the valve has to be sited.
  • A requirement for operation from more than one position is specified.

The SafeOperator range features two main systems:

Elliott Manufacturing: Over 100 Years of Remote Valve Experience

Quality, consistency, reliability count for a lot, but add in experience, and you have a true manufacturing champion.

Savvy consumers value experience. Experience means expertise - the vast repository of knowledge and understanding that only comes with long-term involvement in a particular field. In the world of heavy industry, companies want parts manufacturers that have experience, because those manufacturers know how to address the types of challenges only experience can teach.

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