A Fast Adhesive with Low Read-Through

Featured Product from Ellsworth Adhesives

Many applications like sign assembly, kiosk design and vehicle manufacturing rely on the product being aesthetically pleasing to increase sales. One issue that can impede this goal is Bond Line Read Through (BLRT). Bond Line Read Through occurs when a substrate becomes discolored or distorted due to a cured bond line.

To solve this problem, Ellsworth Adhesives recommends 810/20, a low read-through adhesive from LORD® Adhesives.  810/20 is perfect for applications where aesthetics are priority.  It is a two component acrylic adhesive that has excellent peel strength, bonds to thin and flexible substrates like aluminum, plastics and rolled steel, plus cures quickly even in low temperatures (20 to 25 minute cure time). LORD® 810/20 requires little to no substrate preparation and cure time can be accelerated with a modest amount of heat (<66C). To discover more about LORD® 810/20, Ask the Glue Doctor® by calling 1-800-888-0698 or go to ellsworth.com.