The New Alternative to Potting & Encapsulating

Featured Product from Ellsworth Adhesives

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Let’s mix things up a bit. The Mold Man™ 2050 from MoldMan™ Systems is their new Mix on Demand Molding™ table top, low pressure, injection molding machine. It’s specifically designed to mold or overmold parts for electronics and lighting applications with single or two-part materials including epoxies, silicones and urethanes. The Mold Man™ 2050 has a disposable static mixing nozzle design (patent pending) for precise mixing of two part materials and is capable of processing materials up to 750,000cps. It has a two ton clamping force with injection pressure of up to 2000psi. It’s simple to use, easy to maintain, and versatile for high to low volume production.

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