Energy Saving Drive Solutions

Product Announcement from Nidec Control Techniques

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Looking For Effective Cost Controls?

Control Techniques has helped its customers improve process efficiency, while reducing overall system costs for over 35 years. Implementing our VFD solutions can cut energy costs significantly — save up to 60 percent on some common applications, enabling a return on investment in only a few months.

Why Energy Savings?

With nearly two-thirds of American industry’s electricity bill spent on turning motors, our innovative motor controls are key to bringing costs down.  Not only does the cost of energy affect profitability but it affects companies’ bottom lines differently. Energy efficient companies have a cost advantage when energy prices increase. Some companies have cut 20% or more of the energy required for a unit of product. This reduction in energy intensity becomes a major cost advantage.

What will I find inside?

Within this collection you will find energy savings solution flyers each with specific application data. The solution topics included in this collection are: Fans & Blowers (the #1 VFD drive application), Pumps, Centrifuges, Compressors, Conveyors, Mixers, Cranes & Hoists and Web Handling (Brake Unwind).


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