Filter Minder® Sensor LED Display

Product Announcement from Filter Minder®

Filter Minder® Sensor LED Display-Image

The LED light bar progressively illuminates as it reads the output of a 0-5 Vdc variable output sensor that is monitoring some type of condition such as filter restriction, oil pressure, fuel pressure, air pressure, water pressure, liquid levels, temperature and a host of other conditions.

Product Features

  • 10 LED bar graph linear readout
  • First 7 LEDs green, last 3 LEDs red
  • Locks at peak condition
  • Memory immune to power interruption
  • Operates independent of a vehicle electric control module
  • Provides regulated 5 Vdc supply to attached sensors
  • 2 LED brightness and display off
  • Last LED Light Flashes
  • Operating voltage 6 to 30 Vdc
  • Mount on or behind dash or panel surface.
  • Flying leads connect to power, ground and sensor

Available Options

  • User or factory programming for calibration of first and last LED (intermediate LEDs automatically scale for linear operation)
  • User or factory programming for "Peak and Hold" or "Continuous Response" LED operation
  • Custom labels/decals