Fryer line hot oil circulator pump seal leaks

Featured Product from EnviroPump and Seal, Inc.

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Fryer Line-Hot Oil Circulator Pumps

If your Hot Oil Pumps Experience:

  • Regular failures…eeks, months.
  • Dangerous seal leaks-personnel hazard.
  • Dangerous seal leaks-fire hazard.
  • Nuisance seal leaks-sanitation &
  • housekeeping issues.
  • Expensive parts usage.
  • Expensive rebuild costs.
  • Expensive back-up inventory.
  • Bearings & seals run too hot.
  • Difficult to align.

…And are cutting into your plant productivity, production output, maintenance budget, and causing a safety & sanitation concern.

We Can Upgrade Your Existing Pumps:

  • Without changing your piping.
  • Without changing your foundations.
  • Without changing your flow rates.
  • Without changing your volute &
  • impeller.
  • Stop seal spray with closed frame.
  • Optional C-Flange motor adapter
  • For automatic coupling alignment.
  • Consolidate multiple brands, makes,
  • Models, and sizes to one frame.
  • With 3-Year warranty.

Any Pump Brand

: Cornell, KSB, SIHI, Dean,

Allweiler, Goulds, Flowserve, Ingersoll Rand, and others.

Materials of Construction:

  • Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Sizes From: 1x1.5x6" to 8x10x17"
  • Power From: 3HP to 250HP
  • Temperatures Up To 650°F (345°C)

EnviroPump and Seal, Heavy Duty Process Pumps Our strategy is to assemble a wide range of MRO products, unique mechanical seals for the general ANSI/API pump population, and advanced ANSI & API power end upgrades to bring existing pumps up to a higher level of reliability