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Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems for Industry
Across the globe, environmental regulatory authorities require manufacturing industries to monitor their pollutant emission rates. The most common means of measuring emissions is with continuous emissions monitoring systems, which are a packaged system of gas analyzers, gas sampling system, temperature, and flow and opacity monitors which are then integrated in with a system for data acquisition. Continuous emissions monitoring systems are used as a tool for monitoring effluent gas streams which are produced by combustion in industrial processes. This then demonstrates compliance to environmental regulations surrounding sources of air pollutants.

How do Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems Work?
Continuous emissions monitoring systems consist of analyzers which measure gas concentrations inside the stream, direction equipment for moving gas stream to remote analyzers, conditioning equipment and a calibration and maintenance system which means calibration gases can be injected into the sample line and a data handling system.

Continuous emissions monitoring systems work constantly, even when the process that is being measured, meaning the system can continuously monitor emissions.

What Emissions do Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems Monitor?
Typical emissions for monitoring include:

  • Nitrogen oxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Hydrogen chloride
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Mercury
  • Airborne particulate matter
  • Oxygen
  • Volatile organic compounds

Continuous emissions monitoring systems are employed for collecting data regarding emission levels of gases from a range of industries, including power generation, oil & gas, chemicals, and waste incineration. In addition to this, a rise in the amount of strict rules and regulations regarding pollution monitoring across industries is expected to create demand for continuous emissions monitoring systems.

Environics Solution for Continuous Emissions Monitoring
The Environics Series Continuous Emissions Monitoring Calibration Systems (CEMCS) have been used for continuous emissions monitoring vans and laboratories for decades. Our calibration systems exceed or meet all of the performance specifications of the United States EPA 40 CFR Part 51 Method 205 Appendix M. Calibration is a necessary aspect of compliance audits for continuous emissions monitoring systems.

Our calibration systems are bespoke, automated and based on mass flow controller based gas calibration systems which allow for dilution of single, high-concentration cylinder of span gas to low levels for the calibration of gas analyzers for continuous emissions monitoring.

Our continuous emissions monitoring calibration systems are able to precisely dilute large concentration Protocol-1 or certified gas cylinders from high quantities to low quantities, meaning our customers can achieve the exact dilution they need.

Using our system can cut gas cylinder use and rental costs by as much as 60% whilst maintaining the ability for bespoke gas concentrations for calibration. Our systems are highly accurate, repeatable, and traceable and we have a number of custom options available.

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