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Introducing the New Epilog Fusion Galvo Laser

Featured Product from Epilog Laser Corp.

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Take a closer look at the Fusion Galvo G100, the latest addition to the Epilog Laser product lineup. Featuring our revolutionary IRIS™ Camera System for precise artwork placement and lightning fast engraving speeds, the Fusion Galvo is a game-changer for manufacturers who need to quickly and accurately mark bare metals and engineered plastics. 


Featuring a 4”x4” (101 x 101 mm) or 6”x6” (152 x 152 mm) work area, the Fusion Galvo is available in 30-watt pulsed, 30-watt MOPA, or 60-watt MOPA fiber configurations. It also includes Epilog’s IRIS™ Camera Positioning System, which gives operators a live-view image of the laser bed to precisely position their artwork and graphics quickly and accurately.


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