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How to Laser a Jig and Template - Easily

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In the latest episode of the Epilog Laser It Challenge we will answer the question: Is it possible to create a jig and template using the IRIS™ Camera System?


Epilog’s IRIS™ Camera System gives laser operators a real-time image of the piece their engraving or cutting, making it incredibly easy to ensure your artwork/graphics go exactly where you want them to. It is also an incredibly valuable tool for creating jigs to hold multiple parts/components, which greatly boosts productivity!


Here we’ll walk you through the steps of creating a jig to hold multiple chain ring gears for faster and more efficient part marking. There are many suitable materials that are ideal for creating jigs. In this case we’re using corrugated cardboard as it is sturdy and inexpensive, but you could use wood or acrylic as well for this application.


We used the Fusion Edge 12 with a 60-watt laser tube for this project.

  • Cardboard cutting settings: Speed: 25% Power: 100% Frequency: 50%
  • Chain ring engraving settings: DPI: 600 Speed: 30 Power: 100 Dithering: Stucki Engraving direction: bottom-up

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