Video Laser Cutting LED-Lit Acrylic & Plywood Sign

Featured Product from Epilog Laser Corp.

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Welcome back to the Epilog studio! In this project overview we look at constructing an LED-lit sign. Watch the video above or read about the project below to see how cut and engraved acrylic, and a laser-cut sheet of plywood, can be used to create a simple but effective display piece.

One of the versatile and inspiring aspects of an Epilog Laser machine is that it can be used to engrave the graphics that will be the focal point of your finished item, and it can also be used to cut out the parts and pieces that will be used to produce the rest of your project. Many projects can make use of the laser’s ability to produce crisp, clean, and custom graphics, some can leverage the laser machine as a fabrication tool, and others can make use of both capabilities.   

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