EPO-TEK® Epoxy/UV Hybrid Adhesives

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Epoxy Technology, Inc. presents our new Epoxy/UV Hybrid Adhesives for Optoelectronics based on the "Industry Standard" EPO-TEK® 353ND.  This piece highlights three new hybrid products that allow initial UV tacking, followed by a thermal cure for overall process improvement, ease of handling and higher thru-put.

Traditional Epoxy:

353ND - Industry Gold Standard

Modified Epoxy/UV Hybrids:

113-91-5 - Low viscosity version, fast tack

113-114-4 - Viscosity match version of 353ND

113-114-1 - Higher viscosity version

For additional information, please visit us at: www.epotek.com, or email our
Technical Services Group at: techserv@epotek.com.