EPO-TEK® MED-301, ISO 10993 Tested/Fully Compliant

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EPO-TEK® MED-301 is a biocompatible, spectrally transparent, very low viscosity, room temp curing epoxy.  Characteristics are: self-leveling, short pot-life, and ease of application, either by dispensing or manual operation.  EPO-TEK® MED-301 is used often in molding headers in pacemakers, cochlear implants and neurostimulator implants, as well as bonding in many other types of medical devises. When longer pot-life, lower stress and large-scale manufacturing is needed, EPO-TEK® 301-2 can usually be interchanged.

Biocompatibility Approvals

EPO-TEK® MED-301 cured at 65°C for 1 hour has been tested and is ISO 10993 Certified, meeting Hemolysis (10993-4), Cytotoxicity (10993-5), Implantation (10993-6) for two weeks, and also for twelve weeks, Intracutaneous (10993-10), Sensitization (10993-10) and Systemic Toxicity (10993-11) test protocols.


Selected Applications

Fiber and Electro-Optics:

  • Impregnating fiber optic image bundles and light guides; adhesive for flexible endoscopes; adhesion to Vyton® rubber and plastic optical fibers
  • Transmission of VIS and NIR light signals in camera/video electro optics
  • 3D Dentistry camera and imaging tools
  • General, all-purpose fiber optic assembly and repair adhesive

Radiation and Imaging

  • Adhesive for scintillator crystal array fabrication
  • Opto-underfills between scintillator and photodiode array, for medical/dental imaging equipment


  • Adhesive for catheter delivered surgical mapping and imaging catheters
  • Front-end ultrasound fabrication adhesive responsible for PZT arrays
  • General all-purpose ultrasound probe repair adhesive

Life Sciences and MicroFluidics

  • Enabling microfluidic drug delivery via catheter devices; micro-motors and ultrasonics for sensing liquid and gas flow rates
  • Adhesive for active optical alignment in spectrophotometry, fluoroscopy and microscopy
  • General adhesive for specialized diagnostic equipment

Device and Diagnostics

  • Potting resin over LD and PD chips in pulsed oximetry
  • Adhesive for gas analyzers, flow meters, pressure and pH monitoring catheters
  • Fabrication of glucose sensors; implantable or external
  • Potting, over-coating and weather proofing for activity trackers (wearable devices including fitness watches)
  • Patient monitoring electrodes and cables including: ECG and temperature probes

Implantable Devices

  • Molding headers over implantable microelectronic packages in ICDs, pacemakers and cochlear implants
  • Potting Cu coils and motors used in LVAD and BiVAD blood pumps
  • Adhesive for ophthalmic implants; plastic bonding in intraocular lens (IOL), septum bonding and final assembly for diabetic implants; gluing bio-polymers used for IOP drainage; smart drug delivery of pharmaceuticals
  • Header potting for neurostimulators/neuromodulators used for epilepsy, Parkinson’s, pain management and sleep apnea control

Surgical Tools

  • Hand held UV cure light guide for curing dental fillings
  • Potting PCBs into metals shafts of hand-held orthopedic instruments
  • Laser optics (surgical tool for optometry)
  • Adhesive for neurovascular surgical probes, electrodes and delivery systems.
  • Fabrication of Rf Ablation catheters with structural bonding to PEEBAX®