EPO-TEK® MED-353ND, ISO 10993 Fully Compliant

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EPO-TEK® MED-353ND is a biocompatible, high temperature, high Tg, and high strength epoxy with high chemical and moisture resistance. It has decades of use and reliability in medical device designs worldwide.  EPO-TEK® MED-353ND has high adhesion to SST, titanium, ceramics, glass and most plastic.

Biocompatibility Approvals

EPO-TEK® MED-353ND cured at 150°C for 1.5 hours has been tested and is ISO 10993 Certified, meeting Hemolysis (10993-4), Cytotoxicity (10993-5), Implantation (10993-6) Intracutaneous (10993-10), Sensitization (10993-10) and Systemic Toxicity (10993-11) test protocols.

Selected Applications

Fiber and Electro-Optics

  • Impregnating and terminating fiber optic image bundles and light guides, adhesive for flexible endoscopes, adhesion to plastic and glass optical fibers, structural and near hermetic sealing of glass, ceramic and metals
  • Manufacture of all kinds of endoscopes, such as, laryngoscopes, gastroscopes, broncho-scopes and micro ophthalmoscopes; healthcare optics for colonoscopy, urology, and otolaryngology

Imaging Technologies

  • OCT using NIR laser for cardiac and ophthalmic imaging
  • Endoscopy with camera and video interface
  • Ultrasound imaging, capsule endoscopes for GI tract viewing and monitoring
  • Temperature probes integration, subcomponent bonding and final assembly of MRI and CT machines

Ultrasound / Ultrasonic

  • Adhesive for catheter delivered surgical mapping. 3D imaging and mapping catheters; catheter ultrasound for cardiac therapy, such as AFib treatments
  • Front-end ultrasound fabrication adhesive responsible for PZT arrays
  • Back-end PZT processes enabling transducers, ultrasound probe repair adhesive
Life Sciences and MicroFluidics
  • DNA and gene sequencers, readers and amplification circuits
  • Potting, over-coating and weather proofing, fitness style wrist watches and wearable devices

Device and Diagnostics

  • Sensor integration and subcomponents for respiratory, anesthesia, vapor and suction; gas and liquid flow monitoring
  • SpO2 patient monitoring; capnography, gas analyzers and flow meters
  • Widely used adhesive for pressure and pH monitoring catheters

Implantable Devices

  • Subcomponents for Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) fabrication including pumps, coils and magnets
  • Adhesive for ophthalmic implants; plastic bonding in intraocular lens (IOL)

Micro sensors for intraocular pressure

  • Hearing aids and implants; acoustic circuits and structural assembly
  • Enabling neurostimulator technologies used for sleep apnea, bladder control and other conditions
  • Adhesive for pacemakers, ICDs and IPGs
  • Neurovascular implants treating aneurysm, stroke, epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease

Surgical Tools

  • High power laser optics for general, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
  • Dental device adhesive, lighting or hand instrument
  • Adhesive for neurovascular surgical delivery systems and coils for treating aneurysms
  • Fabrication of Rf Ablation catheters, electro-surgical tool for tissue removal
  • Laser for peripheral artery disease (PAD); atherectomy technologies
  • Impregnating coil motors in orthopedic bone saws