EPO-TEK® New Medical Adhesive Catalog

Featured Product from Epoxy Technology

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) announces its newly developed EPO-TEK® Biocompatible Medical Device Grade Products Brochure. This piece highlights our EPO-TEK® MED products: MED-301, MED-301-2, MED-353ND, MED-353ND-T, MED-377, MED-H20E, MED-OD2002, MED-OG116-31 and MED-OG198-54 and many more.

The EPO-TEK® MED products have undergone additional specialized ISO 10933 testing from an independent outside testing laboratory. The Medical Brochure provides epoxy information and recommendations for many medical applications including: sensors, instruments, hearing aids, dental equipment, pacemakers, endoscopes and catheter products. To find out more information about these medical products or any EPO-TEK materials, please visit our Web site at epotek.com.