EPO-TEK® Specialty UV Curing Adhesives

Product Announcement from Epoxy Technology

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) offers an exclusive line of high performance, UV curing adhesives based on Epoxy and Acrylate systems.  Our unique formulations provide superior performance for a wide variety of applications.

This selector guide is grouped into different categories based on the type of cure.  For Epoxy based: UV + Thermal post cure (for enhanced performance), UV Cure only, UV + Thermal post cure (for shadow curing) and UV/Visible Light curing.  Acrylate based has just a UV Cure only category.

This guide will assist in determining which product(s) may be best suited for your application.  Additional assistance in material selection, optimal lamp choice, and cure recommendations are readily available by contacting out Technical Application Experts at techserv@epotek.com or +1-978-667-3805.