EPO-TEK® Underfills Guide

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What Are Underfills?

Underfills are used to fill space beneath a die and adhere to its carrier. They add structural
strength, increase impact resistance, bolster thermal cycling resistance and improve overall reliability. Underfills can be found in a wide variety of applications including flip-chip, fine pitch BGA, and chip scale packages.

How Can Underfills Be Used?

Underfills are used most often in three distinct applications:
• Capillary Underfills
• Non-Flow Thermally Conductive Underfills
• Four Corner Bonding Underfills

Which EPO-TEK® Products Are Best Suited For Underfills?

Epoxy Technology manufactures a variety of underfills for several applications, with a key distinction being cure temperature:

• Capillary (Low Viscosity With Excellent Wicking For Increased Strength)
     – Room Temperature (RT) Cure: 301-2, 301-2FL, OE121, OE121 Black
     – Thermal Cure: 323LP, 353ND, 353ND Black, U300-2

• Non-Flow Thermally Conductive (Alternate To Capillary, For Heat Dissipation)
     – Room Temperature (RT) Cure: T7110-38, T7109-19
     – Thermal Cure: 930-4, H70E

• Four Corner Bonding (Non-Flow, Dispensed After Die Placement, Less Strength)
     – Thermal Cure: 353ND-T, OE188
     – UV: OG116-31

Please consult our Application Experts at Epoxy Technology to find the most suitable adhesives for specific technical challenges at: techserv@epotek.com.