EPO-TEK® World Class LED Adhesives

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Epoxy Technology showcases their extensive line of adhesives for Heat Sink Attach and Die Attach LED applications. These products include electrically & thermally conductive and thermally conductive materials.


Electrically & Thermally Conductive Heat Sink & Die Attach:

EPO-TEK H20E - Two component adhesive with proven reliability in low power LEDs.

EPO-TEK EK1000 (single component) & EK2000 (two component) - Adhesive that exhibits exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity.  Ideal for high power LEDs.


Thermally Conductive Heat Sink Attach:

EPO-TEK T7109 - Two component, low stress adhesive designed for large bond area die attach and heat sinking applications.

EPO-TEK 930-4 - Two component, adhesive providing excellent heat dissipation and insulating properties.

EPO-TEK H70E - Two component, fast curing adhesive recommended for thermal management applications.

EPO-TEK T905BN-3 - Two component adhesive with high thermal conductivity designed for heat sinking and encapsulation.

EPO-TEK T905BN-4 - Two component, room temperature curing adhesive with pure white color for easy inspection.

EPO-TEK TD1001 - Single component, white adhesive with low Tg and long pot life for low stress packaging.


Please consult our Application Experts at Epoxy Technology to find the most suitable adhesives for specific technical challenges at: techserv@epotek.com.