Glob Top Applications Guide

Featured Product from Epoxy Technology

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) offers a wide selection of optical, thermal and UV epoxies needed for glob top applications.  These materials are grouped by the two main types of glob tops: single material hemispherical and two material dam-and-fill.

Hemispherical Glob Tops:

  • Thermal Cure: H70E-2, T7109-19, T7139
  • UV Cure: OG116-31, OG133-8, OG675

Dam-and-Fill Glob Tops:


  • Thermal Cure: 353ND-T, 730, H70E-2
  • UV Cure: OG116-31, OG198-55


  • Thermal Cure: 301, 301-2, 301-2FL, 310M-2
  • UV Cure: OG142-87, OG142-112, OG198-54, OG653

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