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Some Like it HOT, most do not . . .The Latest Advancements in Adhesives for Thermal Management
Epoxy Technology has investigated the mechanism of thermal conductivity in electrically conductive adhesives. Utilizing laser flash testing and SEM cross sections, we determined how silver flake distribution effects thermal conductivity. Cure, interface, and processing play a significant role in thermal management. This webinar reviews a new laser flash sample preparation methodology that provides more accurate measurement of “in-design” thermal resistance.

High power applications such as LED and GaN have pushed adhesive requirements to new levels. Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK) has formulated new high thermal conductivity epoxy adhesives to meet the more demanding needs of the market. To create these products, EPO-TEK has investigated the mechanism of thermal conductivity in silver filled electrically conductive epoxy adhesives.
Our research showed most datasheet thermal conductivity data often did not reflect data obtained by customer's device testing. Datasheet bulk thermal conductivity data was often misleading because it did not reflect the customer's real experience for thermal resistance in their design.
First, we determined cure had a significant impact on thermal conductivity. Stepped curing conditions could double certain thermal conductivity measurements. Even with data, it still did not fully reflect the customer's thermal management experiences in their design. Second, we investigated interfaces and their impact on thermal conductivity. This is where we matched the thermal resistance data. Products with high datasheet thermal conductivity but a poor in-part thermal resistance failed at the interface, which was determined with laser flash and SEM cross sectioning. To match in-part thermal resistance testing with datasheet thermal conductivity data, we developed a new laser flash sample preparation methodology which can better simulate in-part testing using Triple Layer Methodology… and it is hot, hot, HOT.
This webinar will help attendees gain an understanding of thermal management and the mechanism of thermal conductivity. It also will equip attendees with the knowledge of how datasheet thermal conductivity does not necessarily represent in part thermal resistance performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why resistance at the interface differs from bulk resistance
  • Gain insight into new sample preparation methodology to simulate in part testing leads to a more accurate assessment of thermal conductivity
  • Learn how silver flake distributions effects thermal management



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