Back Pressure Regulators

Product Announcement from Equilibar, LLC.

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Equilibar's research series back pressure regulators solve critical performance problems for laboratory and gas analysis systems worldwide.  Equilibar back pressure regulators are designed to control pressure under the most demanding circumstances; high pressures, high temperatures, aggressive chemistry's, or where high accuracy and precision are required.

Using diaphragms of varying thicknesses, our regulators operate in the range from below 1 psig to 5000 psig. Diaphragms are available in PTFE, Stainless steel 316, and Hastelloy C for chemical compatibility. 

Our ultra-low flow rate performance down to 1E-7 Cv helps eliminate pulsing or chatter caused by over-sized regulators.  Equilibar back pressure regulators use a unique multi-orifice design that gives high turn down ratios of up to 10,000:1   This allows pressure to be accurately controlled over a wide range of flow rates, from very low flow to high flow.

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