Linear and Tilting Voice Coil Actuators

Product Announcement from Equipment Solutions, Inc.

Linear and Tilting Voice Coil Actuators-Image

Equipment Solutions, Inc. (ESI) Has been a recognized leader in the field of voice coil motors and actuators since 1990. During that time it has innovated many important improvements that have advanced usability, reliability and cost/performance. Any application that includes limited linear or tilting motions and requires high accelerations or positioning resolution carefully review the benefits.

• Linear motions up to 50 mm.

• Tilt motions up to ±0.4 rad.

• Positioning repeatability of 15 nm / 1 urad.

• Accelerations of up to several 100's of G's.

• Infinite life Flexure guidance systems.

• Compact footprint.

• Pre-tuned servo control electronics.

• Quick turn custom solutions.

Equipment Solutions currently offers three different lines of Linear Actuators: LFA Linear Focus Actuators, VCS Voice Coil Stages and PVS Parallelogram Voice Coil Stages. Each has a unique set of characteristics that can be considered for a given application. The LFA Series is based on a patented flexure design that yields infinite life and exceptional positioning repeatability. The VCS Series employ a more tradi­tion bearing solution for more cost sensitive applications. The PVS employs a less complex flexure guidance system that helps to bridge the gap between the LFA and VCS product lines.

Equipment Solutions has recently introduced a new line of Tilting Actuators for a diverse set of application requirements. This collection includes its RS-25 Series of Resonant Scanners, RVC-25 Rotational Voice Coil Stages and RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Stages for unique laser based applications. The Resonant Scanners provide a highly efficient way to generate a raster scan. RVC-25 Rotational Voice Coil Stages are a great alternative to galvanometers, especially where space is limited. The RVC-5 offers a unique way to frequency tune a DPSS or similar laser.

Equipment Solutions has helped many of its customers to achieve leading edge performance using custom solutions. Contact us and let's talk about your application specifications and how our Voice Coil expertise can help you to advance your product.