ProGrade® Magnetic Separators

Product Announcement from Eriez

ProGrade® Magnetic Separators -Image

Industrial Magnetic Power without the Price!

Simply the strongest magnetic separators available, Eriez' ProGrade® permanent magnets outperform competitors removing even weakly magnetic fine contaminants. Whether a low cost plate magnet to protect valuable equipment or a high power, self-cleaning sanitary grate magnet to ensure process purity is the answer, ProGrade provides the best for less.

Features include:

  • Ceramic, Rare Earth, and Xtreme Rare Earth
  • Over 110 Standard Items
  • Low Prices
  • Ready to ship

These magnetic separators are available in grate, plate, tube and trap assemblies for both liquid and dry applications. Many items are stocked for next-day shipment.

For more information, visit the ProGrade page on Eriez' website.