Display Integration

Product Announcement from Esterline Interface Technologies

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Advanced Input Systems integrates a wide variety of display technologies into user interface products—with great design and cost flexibility. We translate your needs into the ideal display solution to meet variable lighting, environmental and user conditions.

The myriad of end applications suited for display technologies today has created a diverse portfolio of choices. From text delivery to complete integrated solutions, each display technology provides unique capabilities and functions best matched to a specific need. Advanced Input Systems offers the necessary experience to integrate whatever choice of display technology OEMs require to meet technology, time to market and cost parameters.


  • Industrial Automation: Process Control
  • Medical: Digital Imaging
  • Point of Sale
  • Kiosk
  • Test and Measurement
  • Transportation
  • Military
  • Mobile: Computer and Telecommunications


  • LED: Segment and Dot Matrix Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has been around for many years and is currently in use in many display applications, especially in large screen formats
  • LCD Active: TFT (Color) Currently the most dominant form of flat panel display technology, LCD displays offer benefits in terms of size, weight, and power consumption. The Active Matrix LCD, sometimes referred to as Thin-Film Transistor, incorporates a transistor behind each sub-pixel element, which can be individually controlled.
  • LCD Passive:
    • Monochrome Characters
    • Monochrome Graphics
    • Color Graphics - Passive LCD technology relies on sending an electrical current along the display edge column and row to reach a particular sub-pixel.
  • Electro-Luminescent (EL): EL is a solid-state display technology that is extremely rugged, durable and particularly well-suited for applications—especially military—demanding extreme operating conditions.
  • Vacuum Florescent: VF technology is a kind of triode vacuum tube with three electrodes, which are: Cathode Filaments, Control Grids, and Illumination Anodes. They offer high brightness, wide viewing angles, and wide temperature ratings.
  • Touch Screens are often used as an alternative—or in addition to—traditional human-machine interface technologies. Because of their intuitive nature, touch screens are often used in applications where the user cannot be trained to interface with the device. Kiosks and point of sale devices exemplify these applications.
  • Display Controllers: Capabilities for display controller integration cover the entire range of display technologies from the simplest segment controllers to full speed analog and digital video interfaces.


  • Low Design, Tooling and Production Costs
    • State-of-the-art design systems
    • High-tech custom tooling capabilities
    • Rapid custom prototype cycle
    • Well established material supply lines
    • Highly efficient manufacturing and assembly processes
  • High Value Added Capabililties
    • Custom Integration of a variety of input technologies
    • Custom enclosures
    • Ruggedization
    • Sunlight readable
    • Industrial (NEMA) specifications
    • Military (MIL) specifications