Touch Screen Integration

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Touch screens are often used as an alternative—or in addition to—more traditional human-machine interface technologies, such as a membrane switch or keyboard. The use of a touch screen allows the keypad to be reconfigured as desired to suit the application. Because of their intuitive nature, touch screens are often used in applications where the user cannot be trained to interface with the device. Kiosks and point-of-sale devices exemplify these applications. Also read: Touch Feedback for Touch Screens


Touch screen: analog resistive
Provided Sizes: 3.8" - 20.1"


Film – anti-glare/polish, anti-reflective
Light Transmission – 80% standard; 85% VLT available


Insulation Impedance – 20M ohm or >@ DC 25V
Operation Voltage – DC 5V (Max 5.5V, 3.3V available after customization)
Linearity – 98.5% (bias less than 1.5%)
Chattering Time – 10msec or less mechanical


Input Method – finger, pen or gloved hand
Touch Activation Force – 125 Grams
Surface Hardness – scrape hardness 4H of ASTM D3365 and 3H JIS K5400

Supported Operating Systems

MS-DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows XP, Windows CE, ME/2000NT, MAC, Linux, Unix

Sensor Thickness (Film on Glass)

1.40 +/-0.21mm – available
2.13 +/-0.21mm – available
3.35 +/-0.21mm – developing
*Custom thicknesses available


Operation Temperature – -20ºC, -60ºC, <50% relative humidity dew condensation
Storage Temperature – -40ºC, -70ºC, <50% relative humidity dew condensation
Humidity – 50ºC at 90% relative humidity or lower for 240 hours, no dew condensation
Touch Durability – 35 million touches in a single location*
Pen Hitting Durability – 6 million*
Pen Sliding Durability – 500,000 strokes*
*350 gram force NEMA 4, 12 and IP 65 capable

Durability / Reliability

Chemical Resistance: ASTM F 1598-95 – 6% HC1, 40% H2SO4, 10% NaOH,
gasoline, acetone
ASTM D 1308-87 – beer, tea, coffee, cola, ink, bleach
Warranty: 2-year standard warranty. Long term warranty available.

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