ASME / General Purpose Vessels

Product Announcement from Euro Pressure Vessels

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Rugged Euro Pressure Vessels Quality that conforms to Rigorous ASME and PED requirements

Standard ASME Vessels

Virtually any need for an ASME stainless steel portable pressure vessel can be met with a range of available products within our standard ASME line. Standard ASME vessels are offered in fluid capacities from 3.8 to 141.5 litres (1 to 37.4 US gallons). A range of 3.8 to 19 litre stock vessels are available off the shelf for quick delivery, please contact us for further information.

Custom ASME Vessels

For non-standard uses, our ASME pressure vessel range can be custom built to fit exact needs, with an unlimited choice of options.


  • Three different ASME vessel closure options cover a wide range of potential uses:
  • Standard closures feature a straightforward, reliable design proven through the years of use.
  • "Wide mouth" closure allow for easier filling and simpler cleaning and inspection - especially useful when handling high viscosity or high purity materials.
  • Full-vacuum closures for either vacuum or pressure applications have simple, single hand-turn knobs for easy reliable sealing.


Adaptability is the key in the size, position and type of fittings you specify for your ASME vessels. Different size standard NPT or optional sanitary clamp fittings can be installed in various positions on your vessel to accommodate special features.

> 74-01 316L 3.8 litre (1 US gallon) stainless steel
> 74-01 T304
3.8 litre (1 US gallon) stainless steel
> 74-03 316L 11.4 litre (3 US gallon) stainless steel
> 74-03 T304 11.4 litre (3 US gallon) stainless steel
> 74-05 316L 19 litre (5 US gallon) stainless steel
> 74-05 T304 19 litre (5 US gallon) stainless steel