Extremely Energy Dense Wet Capacitors

Featured Product from Evans Capacitor Company

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4x more energy dense than any other tantalum wet capacitor, Evans Capacitors' hermetic, Hybrid® Capacitors have low volume and low weight. Evanscaps are used in phased array radars, laser targeting, microwave communications modules, controls, displays, fire control systems, etc., on Military Aircraft and a number of applications for Commercial Aircraft.

Besides aviation/aerospace, Evans Hybrid® Capacitors have Military Aplications in weapons systems, land and see based communications, and hand held laser sytems. Evanscpas are also specified for manned and unmanned space systems in a variety of applications. Evanscaps are available in "High Temp" configurations, suitable ofr oiuls and gas exploration applications

http://www.evanscap.com features technical specifications, data sheets and pricing.