Magnetcode - Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoders

Product Announcement from Everight Position Technologies Corporation

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Magnetocode Rotary Encoder Technology The Single-Turn Measuring Principle Contactless Multi-turn
Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors
Posital Magnetocode Rotary Position Sensors provide absolute positional data for single- and multi-turn measurement applications. Their small size (36.5 mm diameter) allows them to be used in applications with very limited installation space. Magnetocode sensors are available with unique Analog outputs (user sets span endpoints), SSI or CANopen interfaces and a variety of shaft, flange, and connector options. (More Info) (Magnetocode Technology) Magnetic rotary encoders determine positions using the Hall effect sensor technology developed for the automotive mass market. A permanent magnet fixed to the shaft generates a magnetic field that is sampled by the Hall sensor, which translates the measured value into a unique absolute position value. The Multi-Turn Innovation To register revolutions even when no voltage is applied, energy from the turning of the shaft must suffice for proper operation. An innovative, patented technology makes this feasible even at low rotational speeds and through long standstill periods - a Wiegand wire ensures that the magnetic field can only follow the turning of the shaft in discrete steps. A coil wound on the Wiegand wire receives only brief, strong voltage spikes, which prompt the reliable recognition of each revolution. Specifications Given their small diameter of 36.5 mm, Magnetocode (MCD) encoders with a serial interface can also be used in applications with very limited installation space. They are available as hollow or solid shaft versions with a 12 bit (4096 steps) resolution per revolution. The measurement range of 8192 revolutions can be extended upon request.