Netzer Mini-Encoder Series

Product Announcement from Everight Position Technologies Corporation

Netzer Mini-Encoder Series -Image

The new Netzer DL Series of Absolute Rotary Position Encoders brings the ease of use of a sealed shaft mounted encoder to the Netzer brand of  high-precision hollow shaft encoders. This new DL line of sensors will incorporate Netzer technology in a IP65 enclosure that can operate in a wet environment, and is resistant to shock, temperature, vibration, EMI, RFI, and electromagnetic fields. This resiliency lends itself to many environments, both hazardous and benign.

The DL-25 features a digital SSI output, 17 bits of resolution, better than 30mdeg accuracy, a 25mm O/D, and weighs just 25 grams.  The DL-25 has an operating range from -40°C to +70°C, while the IP 65 sealed metal housing protects it from environmental hazards. The DL-25 is the first of many new models from Netzer that will continue to push the boundaries of what a miniature sensor is capable of.

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