POSITAL FRABA Cable-Pull Linear Position Sensors

Product Announcement from Everight Position Technologies Corporation

POSITAL FRABA Cable-Pull Linear Position Sensors -Image

Posital offers a full line of high-resolution Cable-Pull Linear Position Sensors based on both the Magnetocode and Optocode technologies. Magnetocode Cable-Pull Linear Position Sensors provide measuring lengths up to 2.4 m with 0.03 mm resolution, while Optocode models have measuring lengths up to 10 m.

Everight Position is a company that is dedicated to solving engineer's problems in locating sensors to measure linear, angular and tilt positions. Unlike other companies that are organized around one basic technology, Everight has a range of solutions that can answer all your needs. We know that they engineers designing equipment are not looking for a particular sensor technology but are looking for a particular sensor capability (performance and physical size) at a given price.

All of our position sensors are "non-contact" in that they use various forms of electromagnetic interactions instead of the physical contact of a wiper arm in a potentiometer. They all work with a range of input voltages and most have options of both analog and digital outputs.