AxSEAM™ Scanner for Long Seam Weld Inspection

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Optimized for long seam weld inspection, such as in electric resistance welded (ERW) pipes, the AxSEAM™ scanner’s simple design minimizes the number of adjustments required when changing pipe diameters, probe separation, or scan orientation.

An operator can set up and perform the scan independently without needing to manipulate or monitor the data acquisition instrument thanks to the innovative ScanDeck™ module. The redesigned, easily adjustable probe holders support up to four phased array (PA) and time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) probes.

Key AxSEAM Scanner Features

  • Redesigned probe holder
  • Control Data Integrity with the ScanDeck™ Module 
  • Patented dome-shaped wheels adapt to pipes without adjustment between changes in diameter
  • Magnetic wheels and brake system to maintain the scanner position on the pipe
  • Intuitive tool-free adjustment mechanisms and controls
  • Convenient cable management sleeve
  • 4 probe holders accommodating both PA and TOFD probes

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