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New LIFTKIT for FANUC cobots

Featured Product from Ewellix

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Robots are often used for palletising, material handling, inspection, construction, etc., but reach their limits once the robot arm is fully extended at a certain height. The easy-to-assemble LIFTKIT increases the reach of the robot by moving it along a vertical axis. The base of the robot can be raised or lowered during operation so that it is always in an optimum working position. This increased range improves productivity and reduces costs.

The LIFTKIT-FA includes a lifting column, a control unit and a FANUC software plug-in so that movement can be programmed and controlled via a standard TCP/IP protocol. The system includes redundant, safety-certified relays for safe stopping during operation - when connected to the robot's safety outputs. The FANUC mounting plate is included and the column is equipped with additional threaded holes to connect external cable transport systems.