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New LLS miniature profile rail guide assortment

Featured Product from Ewellix

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The LLS are compact and precise linear guide rails that deliver long service life, low noise, and low maintenance for industrial and laboratory applications. The two new rail sizes with 16 new carriage variants are now available.

The LLS series is specifically designed for the industrial and laboratory automation industries featuring low noise operation, smooth motion, high running accuracy and a self-lubricating, low maintenance design. The innovative design with a unique ball retention plate at the bottom of the carriage makes it equally robust and easy to handle. Mounting and dismounting of carriages with the risk of losing rolling elements (balls) during installation is now history thanks to Ewellix unique ball retention system. If you are looking for constant smooth motion while reducing inertia to drive your actuator, try the LLS series for lower energy consumption.

The new rail guides were designed with higher performance coupled with a fit-and-forget lubrication system supporting the demands of many industries. Common applications can be found in automation pick-and-place, robotic handling, 3D printing, or highly demanding medical applications. Specific for the medical industry, these linear guides are RoHS and REACH compliant and are made from stainless steel.

In addition to these two new bigger sizes, Ewellix has launched rails for long stroke applications. Rail lengths up to two-meter in one piece are now part of the range, specifically targeting the automation industry.

Thanks to the Ewellix new ZRC design, the carriages and rails are interchangeable within the same preload and precision classes. The Zero Rails Concept allows users to reduce inventory, it provides quicker availability of all guide components and simplifies the supply chain.