Cermax Short-Arc Xenon Lamps

Product Announcement from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

The Cermax® Xenon short-arc lamp is a well-regarded design for a variety of specialty lighting applications including high-brightness Video Projection Lighting, Solar Simulation, Dental UV Curing, Industrial UV Curing, Microscopic Illumination, and other high-performance applications

Cermax® Xenon is a trusted brand name that is virtually synonymous with medical lighting applications and high-intensity, perfect white, bright light, whether for endoscopic illumination, surgical headlamps, or robotic surgery equipment. Our short-arc Xenon lamps were introduced in the early 1980s and the Cermax® Xenon brand can be found in over 90% of hospitals worldwide.

U.S. customers can now buy select Cermax® Xenon short-arc lamps online at http://www.buy.excelitas.com.

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