DigiPile Detectors/Sensors/Array Modules

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Excelitas' infrared sensing technologies are playing a vital role in creating a healthier, safer and cleaner tomorrow.

Thermopile Detectors

The new DigiPile™ family of Digital Thermopiles is the latest in digital infrared sensing technology innovation and provides OEM designers with reduced space requirements on printed circuit boards, requires fewer additional components, and provides improved resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI). The DigiPile family is offered in a range of housing and sensing areas with applications in thermometry, pyrometry, and non-contact temperature sensing.

Excelitas offers a wide range of Thermopile Detectors including Single-Element, Dual- Element and Quad-Element designs. The "Element" refers to the size of the infrared absorbing surface. We offer various surfaces and housings. With Excelitas, you are not limited to off-the-shelf designs; customized designs for the most demanding applications are also possible.

Thermopile Modules

Excelitas offers you a wide range of Thermopile Modules. The modules consist of a thermopile sensor mounted on a PCB with a connector. The PCB can also provide for optional features such as voltage regulation and a noise-reduction filter. Our ISO-thermal sensor concept delivers an important upgrade to the thermopile family; by utilizing the unique, patented construction of our ISO-thermal sensors, Excelitas is able to offer this range of devices with improved performance, delivering substantially improved temperature measurement performance under thermal shock conditions. The ISO-thermal module includes integrated temperature compensation for a defined temperature environment and the calibration to a certain object temperature range. Modules are offered as programmed per individual customer request, and there is a range of standard versions. For requirements of defined spot sizes, we offer sensors with a field of view defined by optical apertures, internal lenses or external mirror optics.

A temperature reference output is included. Upon request, the thermopile modules can also be supplied as calibrated modules but without internal temperature compensation. In this case the customer will do the temperature compensation externally with the use of the supplied reference output.

Our thermopile detectors are composed of several thermocouples typically connected in series or, less commonly, in parallel. They are DC-type detectors and, thus, best suited for non-contact temperature measurement. Our thermopile sensors are based on silicon micromachining technology. A special IR-absorption layer covers the hot junctions creating the sensor's sensitive area. The output of a thermopile is usually in the range of tens or hundreds of millivolts. In addition to increasing the signal level, the device may be used to provide spatial temperature averaging.

Thermopiles do not measure the absolute temperature, but generate an output voltage proportional to a local temperature difference or temperature gradient. Thermopiles are the key component of the infrared thermometers that are widely used by medical professionals to measure body temperature via the ear.