High Performance HeNe Lasers

Featured Product from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Excelitas’ reliable and user-friendly REO HeNe Lasers feature long lifetimes due to their unique metallic laser tube design. HeNe lasers offer visible wavelengths of 543nm, 594nm, and 633nm, and NIR/IR wavelengths of 1152nm, 1523nm, and 3390nm, with power ranging from 0.5 mW to 30 mW, offering both polarized and random. REO integrated mirrors also enable unique offerings such as our dual wavelength, line tunable and stabilized HeNe laser systems. The unique metallic laser tube design of HeNe lasers enables excellent direct mechanical coupling, resulting in superior alignment and robust mechanical stability for fiber-coupled applications.

Excelitas' line of REO HeNe Lasers is the leading high-performance HeNe instrument choice due to our precision optical fabrication and IBS coating capabilities. We are the only manufacturer to fabricate our own laser mirrors and integrate them into the HeNe Laser assembly. In fact, we were the first HeNe laser manufacturer to successfully design and manufacture mirrors for volume green HeNe lasers with their notoriously low gain. We have utilized our optical experience to develop a unique, fully-stabilized laser product that provides an ideal solution for laser-based instrumentation and metrology applications that require long-coherence length and high amplitude stability.