Superior, Highly Stable HeNe Lasers

Featured Product from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

In July 2018, Excelitas acquired REO, the world leader in HeNe lasers - the only HeNe laser manufacturer to integrate proprietary in-house designed and manufactured laser mirrors to enhance internal laser cavity performance.  Our superior HeNe Laser manufacturing is a direct result of our unique combination of optics fabrication and expert assembly capabilities.  Available in a variety of wavelengths, polarizations and power levels, our standard HeNe lasers offer ease of use, low operating costs, stable output power, gaussian beam quality, extremely long lifetime (>20,000 hrs), and a 12month warranty. Standard Dual Wavelength, Tunable and Stabilized HeNe laser systems are also available.

Wavelengths:  543, 594, 604, 612, 633, 1150, 1523, 3390 nm

Polarizations:  Random / 500:1 / 800:1 / Two Orthogonal modes, each linearly polarized 500:1

Power Levels:  0.3 to 35 mW

The Excelitas standard HeNe laser series is a full featured, superior quality, extremely stable coherent light source available in a wide range of wavelengths, polarizations and power levels.  HeNe lasers are utilized in a variety of applications in industry and laboratory including FTIR uses, Interferometry, Confocal microscopy, Ellipsometry, Particle counting, Food/Agricultural sorting.

Our unique laser tube construction allows for an excellent direct mechanical coupling, resulting in superior alignment and mechanical stability for fiber coupled applications.  All our laser systems, except for model numbers 30602 and 30603, are CE and RoHS compliant. A comprehensive listing of our HeNe laser documents are available.

The HeNe lasers are offered in distinct wavelengths from 543 nm (Green) to the most standard 633 nm (Red) up to the 3390 nm (NIR). The laser power levels range from 0.3 mW to a high power 35 mW laser. Random or two orthogonal polarization are available.  Model 31008 is our basic low power Red HeNe laser with random polarization. The two tunable models operate at the wavelengths 633/612/604/594/543 nm and for models 30602 (110V) and 3603 (230V) are polarized with integrated power supplies. Dual Line models 40137 (low power) and 40138 (high power) are both polarized.  A multitude of individual red, green and yellow HeNe lasers are offered in various, power and polarization options.