Medical Diagnostics

Product Announcement from Exergen Corp.

Medical Diagnostics-Image

For any medical equipment where a fluid is warmed up, fast and contamination free measurements can be made, with IRt/c technology. Utilizing the patented Heat Balance methods, fluid temperature can be measured internally, noninvasively through a disposal tubing. Transfusion systems, IV warming systems, Dialysis systems, Cardiopulmonary bypass systems, ECMO systems, and Blood analyzers are utilizing IRt/c technology. Exergen's experience with it's Medical Division provides the experience and background required to assist Medical Device Manufacturers, because we are also one with the Temporal Scanner product line.

PRODUCTS USED: IRt/c.2G-J-98.6F/37C, IRt/c.01-J-98.6F/37C-HB, IRt/c.1X-J-98.6F/37C, SmartIRt/c, DX501