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VAC series Proportional Solenoid Valve Digital Amp

Featured Product from Exsenco, LLC

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VAC is designed to easily change variety of parameters of a proportional solenoid valve using a PC or touch panel.

Do you have any trouble in setting up Null, Gain and current output value of a proportional solenoid valve? Proportional Solenoid Valve Digital Amp VAC series VAC series - Adjusting trimmers by a small screw driver takes time? - Preparing a tester for observing Max. and Min. current values needed? - Re-adjusting the trimmers when changing amp value needed? - Max. current value set not changing while adjusting Null value? - Individual manual adjustment of each amp value needed, even when using several amps of the same spec.?

VAC series will solve all of these problems with an easy and simple digital configuration!



(VAC-V) Quick digital setting of current value for Null and Gain. It is not necessary to employ traditional procedure, adjusting Null and Gain trimmers while observing current or voltage value given to the solenoid by a user. Simply just give the requested value in 1mA increments.

(VAC-S) Quick digital setting of output current value for each contact. 6-point contact for input. Current value and rise/fall time setting is possible for each point.

Easy and quick setting by a PC or touch panel. The parameters can be stored and duplicated.

Monitoring function providing status update of input/output, input voltage and output current values.

  • Two-piece connector.
  • Emergency stop signal.
  • Noise filter for contact input.
  • LED for power supply and alarm.
  • DC24V power supply

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