Case Study: flexicoking reduces emissions costs

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Lower energy costs and emissions

The Greek energy company Hellenic Petroleum wanted to significantly lower energy costs and increase profits at its Elefsina refinery. The refinery relied primarily on imported fuel oil for its energy, which supplied 90 percent of the firing duty — a considerable expense that undermined profitability.

In 2012, Hellenic Petroleum finished the Elefsina Refinery Upgrading Project (ERUP). The goal was to annually convert 2.2 million tons of low-value, high-sulfur fuel oil into 1.4 million tons of high-value Euro-V diesel, and 0.4 million tons of naphtha and clean fuel gas.

The project comprised:

• A grassroots crude vacuum distillation unit

• A hydrocracking unit

• A resid upgrading unit

Reduced dependence on fuel oil was essential for success of the expansion project. The refiner’s goal was to minimize fuel oil by substituting clean-burning gaseous fuels    Click here to read about the solution