Energy Efficiency Study In Industrial Gear Oils

Featured Product from ExxonMobil Chemical Company – Synthetics Base Stocks

To help lower industrial energy consumption, lubricant formulators have increased their use of synthetic base stocks, which have been known to improve energy efficiency. But limited test data existed to measure this improvement.

That's why ExxonMobil commissioned a series of tests at the Institute of Energy of the University of Porto (INEGI). Our goals:

• Verify and quantify the energy efficiency gained by using synthetic base stocks.

• Assess the concern of some equipment builders and owners that low-viscosity, synthetic-based lubricants may result in lower wear protection. SpectraSyn™ polyalphaolefin (cPAO) and SpectraSyn Elite™ metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) synthetic base stocks have demonstrated excellent wear protection capabilities, but we wanted specific rig data.

• Compare the performance of Spec-traSyn Elite mPAO base stocks with conventional PAO, measuring energy efficiency and wear protection

With this data, we could better guide formulators with solutions that help them innovate energy-efficient industrial lubri-cants for today's changing marketplace.