Making Industrial Gear Oil

Featured Product from ExxonMobil Chemical Company – Synthetic Base Stocks

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How we can help: While modern gear-oil lubricants based on mineral oils provide good performance, synthetic gear oils offer a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Improved thermal and oxidation resistance, enabling significantly longer oil life and operation at high temperatures
  • Improved viscosity-temperature behavior for better performance and wear protection at extreme temperatures
  • Improved low-temperature properties for better wear protection and reduced chruning losses
  • Increased gear efficiency, reducing power requirements and oil temperature while extending component life
  • Improved foam performance to control liquid lubricant and foam overflow 


We also offer a range of formulation support including:

  • Review of key industrial standards and specifications
  • Guidance for base stock selection
  • A fully approved industrial gear oil formulation that meets key OEM and industry approval