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SpectraSyn™ MaX PAO: low viscosity, low volatility

Featured Product from ExxonMobil – Synthetic Base Stocks

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Through unprecedented balance of low viscosity and low volatility, SpectraSyn MaX PAO helps deliver step-out performance, including:

  • Fuel economy improvements for lower emissions
  • Energy efficiency for enhanced electric vehicle range 
  • Thermal management for e-motor and electronics 


Key Benefits: Compared to conventional PAO and mineral oil base stock, SpectraSyn MaX PAO can help provide:

  • Balanced low viscosity and low volatility for improved fuel economy, energy efficiency and durability 
  • Improved oxidative stability for long drain intervals 
  • Excellent low-temperature properties for enhanced wear protection
  • Enhanced lubricity and traction for clean, efficient performance

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