Why Leopold Desalination Pretreatment Solutions?

Product Announcement from F.B. Leopold, a Xylem brand

Why Leopold Desalination Pretreatment Solutions?-Image

Leopold® desalination pretreatment systems can significantly reduce membrane-fouling contaminants—color, organics, soluble metals, oil, algae—before they reach your reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. These seawater contaminants can affect effluent quality, damage the membranes, and even cause membrane failure because RO membrane filters are intended for removing only salt and dissolved ions when producing potable water from seawater.


  • High loading rates
  • Lower backwash frequency
  • Low SDI, <3.0
  • Removes >90 percent of algae
  • Removes up to 99 percent of turbidity
  • Removes TSS, free oil, color, and organics