F Series Eurocard Connector - 48 pins at 6A/pin

Product Announcement from FKN Systek, Inc.

F Series Eurocard Connector - 48 pins at 6A/pin-Image

48 pin F Series Male and Female DIN 41612 are rated at 6A/pin.

Available with solder eyelet, Wire Wrap and board solder pins.

Now available from 2E SysCom, the F Series 48 pin power DIN rated at 6A per pin. The female connector is available in the standard card cage mountable version and in low profile back plane version. Pin configurations include faston forks which can have the contacts soldered onto the pin or be connected to discrete wiring via faston crimp contact. Solder eyelet wire wrap and board solder pins are also available.

The connector body, available with integrated coding and screw on mounting ears,is made of polyester PBT. (UL 94 V-0) Contact plating in the mating area is (Au/Sn)

For More Information Contact: Werner Christ Sales Manager

Tel. 508 629 1678 - Fax 508 935 2286 - 2e@2esyscom.com