FLIR A-Series Infrared Cameras

Product Announcement from FLIR

FLIR A-Series Infrared Cameras-Image

FLIR A-Series infrared camera systems are affordable and accurate solutions for machine vision, automation systems, and R&D projects that require accurate non-contact imaging and temperature measurements.

In machine vision and remote monitoring, they can be used as stand-alone systems that immediately identify thermal problems that would otherwise go undetected. The built-in logic makes them ideal for safety/security systems, and for product and process monitoring in quality/reliability assurance programs. The A320 and A325 have Ethernet communications and data I/O interfaces that allow their use in more sophisticated monitoring and control systems that incorporate PCs and PLCs.

In R&D applications A320 and A325 cameras are used to characterize a wide range of materials, devices, and other objects requiring a study of thermal properties. A great option for those new to IR thermography is a FLIR StartIR Kit. These kits bundle a FLIR mid-resolution A-Series camera (A320 or A325) with powerful ExaminIR software to provide an easy-to-use, entry level R&D system at an economical price.

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