FLIR Thermal Imaging for Research & Development

Product Announcement from FLIR

FLIR Thermal Imaging for Research & Development-Image

In Research & Development and product/process testing, accuracy and reliability are vitally important. FLIR's SC-Series IR cameras are used for capturing and recording thermal distribution and variations in real time, allowing engineers to see and accurately measure heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes.

That's why FLIR infrared cameras are widely used around the world for applications as diverse as micro-electronics, paper processing, automotive, plastics, injection molding, consumer appliance design, telecommunications, target heat signatures, mechanical testing, R&D and much more.

Education & Research Inst.

FLIR infrared cameras are being used in university laboratories where high-end academic and applied research is on-going on a wide range of disciplines.Learn more


IR cameras made by FLIR have become indispensible tools for many engineering disciplines, particularly in advanced product development.Learn more

Manufacturing Industries

Thermal imaging is widely used in manufacturing industries . It helps adjusting the process parameters, find non-destructively defects on material without any contact or improve the quality control plan Learn more

Veterinarian Applications

An animal's body creates heat so it can survive. That heat fluctuates throughout the body depending on blood flow. Blood flow, to some degree, is regulated by need; for example, injured tissues need more blood to bring in more helpful cells and take away the debris of repair. The body's recognition of injury and a subsequent increase in blood flow can happen even before the animal shows signs of pain, such as lameness. Learn more