Online IR camera and lens selection tool

Product Announcement from FLIR

Online IR camera and lens selection tool-Image

FLIR, the global leader in infrared cameras, announces an online IR camera and lens selection tool. This interactive tool allows the user to compare up to three camera models with different lens configurations and camera input variables, such as distance to target, target size, integration (exposure) time, and image sub-window size. The calculator returns the resulting output variables, including horizontal and vertical fields of view, number of focal plane array pixels on target, spot size linear dimensions, and camera frame rates.

This is a valuable tool because to get the best imagery, the user needs to select a camera and lens combination that has the appropriate speed and field of view (FoV) to capture the target object. However, the math to determine frame rate and FoV for a given camera, lens, and target can be tedious. The online camera calculator greatly shortens the time it takes for this important task. The calculator is available at